An older person about whom you care deeply needs help. Mom? Dad? In-law? The founders of Helpful Care have already been where you are. We empathize. In fact, this is why our company was started.

You try, but you cannot be there as often as you like. You have your job, your family, your life. Yet, the calls for help come with greater frequency. The home does not look like it used to. T.V. dinners have replaced more nutritious meals. You wonder if they are taking their medication. You long to do all you can for those who did all they could for you. Just as in our own family, the situation of an aging family member may pose a tough challenge.

It is difficult for aging adults to lose their sense of autonomy. Similarly, it is difficult for you to accept that in-home support for them is warranted. At this transitional time, guilt and worry are not the answer. Professional assistance is.

Don’t worry. Despite the resistance with which you are most likely going to be met, you are doing the right thing.

All of our care providers are supervised by a Helpful Care Manager. Just as our staff remain in on-going contact with us, we remain in contact with you. We will inform you of any status changes or concerns. Aside from actually “doing”, we will be your eyes and ears.