Chances are, early on, you did not have a telephone in your home. If you did, it might have been a party line. Now look at you. Here you are on the World Wide Web gathering information. We applaud you! We have not yet met, but we know you. You have been, and are determined to remain, fiercely independent. Throughout your life, you have made your own decisions. You live life on your own terms.

Well, here is an interesting bit of information for you: As capable as you know you are, if you have children or close relatives and THEY think that your abilities have diminished, THEY are going to do something about it. While their concern is genuine and born of love, their method may not be one of your choosing.

Have a married son? Guess who is researching YOUR options? Perhaps YOU should call us at 516-599-5870 and do your own research. We will be glad to discuss how we may assist you. If you prefer, you are welcome to send us an email. Just click here:

You will become older.

You can make older becoming.

We can help.