Helpful Care is unlike any other agency with which you may deal. All care workers are salaried employees of the corporation, supervised by a staff manager, and are fully insured. No money ever changes hands between the worker and the client. All financial transactions are between the office and you.

We encourage seniors to arrange for services cooperatively with a family member present to insure no misunderstandings and insist that the senior be present for all discussions.

After an initial contact, we will arrange for a Helpful Care Manager to come to your home. Evening appointments are available. This visit allows each of us to get to know the other. We do not just “place” someone in your home. We match for compatibility. We know that no one really wants a stranger in their home. We want to make this a pleasant experience.

While kept to a minimum, if ever there are scheduling problems, disagreements, or a need for service replacement, you do not need to be involved. Just call us. We handle it all.

A complimentary consultation with no obligation can be scheduled at your convenience. Call us today for additional information.